Are You Brave Enough for the JOLOCHIP Last Chip Challenge? A Personal Review

Are you ready for a challenge? The JOLOCHIP Last Chip Challenge promises to be the spiciest chip you’ll ever eat. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Let me share with you my personal experience.

First things first, the level of spiciness in this chip is not for the faint of heart. As the reviews mentioned, I had a good spice tolerance, but I have to say, it was fun to eat and you can eat it with your friends and let them suffer too. However, it’s not for a person with a high spice tolerance. I personally didn’t find it spicy, whereas my friends started crying and coughed like there was no tomorrow, and the NRI threw up (he found the Mcspicy as too hot).

When you take a bite, it tastes like nacho but after 5 seconds your mouth starts burning and you can’t say anything for 1 to 6 seconds. Just imagine you eat 80-100 chilli mirch at a one time. Eat at your own risk. Specially if you are below 18 years then I recommend you not to try this.

But, there are some people who found it not as spicy as they expected it to be. Perhaps they are used to having chillies and have a high tolerance level.

It’s important to note that everyone’s tolerance to spice is different, so what may be extremely spicy for one person may not be as intense for another. If you’re not sure if you can handle the heat, it’s best to proceed with caution.

When it comes to eating and drinking recommendations, the best thing to do before eating the chip is to drink a glass of water or eat something sweet. During eating it, you can drink a glass of water or any dairy product to reduce the heat. And after eating it, you can drink 2 cups of water or eat something sweet to alleviate any discomfort caused by the spiciness.

When it comes to the cost and packaging, the JOLOCHIP Last Chip Challenge is a bit more expensive than your average chip. But, many people find that the level of spiciness and the unique experience make it worth the cost. The packaging is also great, but there is no eco-friendly option available.

In conclusion, the JOLOCHIP Last Chip Challenge is not for the faint of heart. With its intense level of spiciness, it’s a chip that’s best approached with caution and proper preparation. But for those who are up for the challenge, it’s a fun and unique experience that’s sure to be memorable. So, if you’re feeling brave, give it a try and let us know how you fared!

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