Unleashing the Craze: My Personal Experience with Pran Potata Biscuits


As a snack enthusiast, I was curious to try the highly raved about Pran Potata Biscuits. I had heard so many good things about it and I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about. So, I decided to give it a try and I was blown away by how delicious these biscuits were. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my personal experience with Pran Potata Biscuits and why I think it’s worth trying.


The first thing that caught my attention was the packaging of the biscuits. They were well packed in a carton and very few biscuits were broken inside. I received it from seller TWGE, who charged 100₹ for shipping. However, I did feel that the shipping charge was a bit on the higher side. Additionally, the material used for the biscuit packet looked a little cheap, like cheap plastic. It looked like it would rip easily, but it only had scratches like the ones in the picture. So, I guess it’s not that bad, but I hope they improve this part. However, the packaging was neat and had no damage.


The most important aspect of any food item is its taste and Pran Potata Biscuits did not disappoint. I love how they taste, and that they’re crunchy. Once you open a packet, you just can’t stop eating! The taste is not too spicy, it’s a nice balance of sweetness, saltiness, and spicyness. Additionally, it isn’t heavy, making it an enjoyable snack. I also really enjoyed it with my evening tea.


After trying the biscuits, I found myself reaching out for the packet again and again. The taste is quite unique and it takes a little time to grow on you. But once it does, you’ll be hooked. I even went back to Amazon to buy a bigger set. I also found that it’s a great snack option. However, it’s important to note that these biscuits contain mono sodium glutamate (MSG) or Aginomoto, a flavor enhancer, which means it’s better not to consume them regularly. Additionally, some reviewers pointed out that the biscuits have a small amount of trans-fat, which can be a concern for some. But, overall, I found the biscuits to be a great snack option and I would definitely recommend trying them.


In conclusion, Pran Potata Biscuits are a delicious and unique snack that everyone should try. The taste is unique, the packaging is neat and the biscuits are crunchy. They are a great option for parties and for snacking with tea. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the biscuits contain MSG and small amount of trans-fat. If you’re looking for a new snack to try, give Pran Potata Biscuits a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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