The complete guide to buying 4700BC popcorn!

One thing I do miss during COVID times is not going to movies as often, however, what I do not miss is the overpriced popcorn. Every time I buy a Pepsi/coke with popcorn it feels like I am being taken advantage of. However, I continue to buy the beloved popcorn as it is a great snack accompaniment to a movie. It makes movies that I am sometimes forced to go to more bearable. Just as there are ample avenues for entertainment with the myriad of OTT platforms to choose from, there are similarly an extremely wide variety of popcorn flavours to choose from. There is obviously Act 2 which I presume is the market leader and then there is 4700BC popcorn. This company first caught my eye when they had set up a stall in a mall near my home. Upon looking closely, I was amazed at the variants and flavours they had. I had recently come back from a trip to Singapore where I was introduced to the wonderful world of gourmet popcorn from Garrett Popcorn. I was proud to see an Indian company with some fantastic flavours that was keeping pace with the popcorn consumption trend.

While I bought the more traditional caramel and cheese variant, I was thoroughly confused with the number of popcorn flavours that 4700BC has. This guide hopefully will help you navigate the flavours, pack types so that you can make a choice. On a side note, I do pity the supply chain planner who has to manage inventories of so many SKUs. Without further delay, let’s jump into the exciting world of 4700BC popcorn and the flavours they have.

4700BC has 8 subcategories of pop-corn. Yes, who knew they had so many sub-categories

  1. Golden cheese
  2. Country caramel
  3. Choco-all-ate
  4. Potpourri
  5. Microwave popcorn
  6. Instant popcorn
  7. Unpopped corn
  8. Protein pops

Golden Cheese

Before 4700 BC, I used to think cheese itself was a flavour but 4700 BC has taken their golden cheese collection to the next level. They have 9 flavour variants Italian Herbed, Chipotle Ranch, Sour Cream & Onion, Tex Mex, Thai, Lemon and Chilly, Spanish Tomato, Sweet and Spicy, Wild Garlic.

Country Caramel

Within the country caramel section, 4700BC has 3 flavours – Mocha, Classic and Nutty. For the life of me, I never understand the fascination with sweet popcorn. My wife absolutely loves caramel popcorn and I detest it vehemently. However, looking at the popularity of caramel pop-corn I would say to each his/her own. Whatever rocks your boat.


It took me reading this sub-category name about 3 times to realise the pun they are making on chocolate. 4700BC has 7 decadent flavours in the chocolate category – Mocha Walnut, Biscotti, Cookie Moonlight, Peanut Butter Dark, Black Grape, Jamaican Rum and finally the all-popular Nutty Tuxedo.


Here you get an assortment of theme-related flavours. 4700BC has two variants here – Magical Rainbow and Seasonal. Both are based on fruity flavours and touted as a healthy substitute for candies and toffees.

Microwave Pop-Corn

The list from here-on isn’t really a flavour type category but more of a functional or a pack-type category. I think the pop-corn category has globally taken off once they launched the micro-wave variant. No pop-corn company can call themselves a pop-corn company until they have micro-wave ready products. 4700 BC is no exception. They have 4 variants – Barbeque, Butter, Cheese and Natural. As you may have seen so far, it is near impossible to try all the variants that 4700BC has to offer. But what we did try and have bought at least 5 times since is the Barbeque flavour. It is truly yummy and has a unique taste profile. I had never liked barbeque as a flavour till this. The perfect balance between sweet, spicy and sour is not to be missed.

Instant Pop-Corn

The functional usage here is that you use perhaps some cooking vessel on a stovetop with a lid. Preferably a pressure cooker with the lid inverted to get freshly popped corn. The flavours here remain the same as the Microwave variant – Barbeque, Butter, Cheese and Natural. These are a little less convenient to pop than their Microwave sibling, however, this is to be expected and is also reflected in the pricing. Instant popcorn variants are traditionally cheaper than Microwave popcorn variants. This shouldn’t be news to popcorn lovers as both offer different levels of convenience.

Unpopped Corn

4700BC also sells unpopped corn without flavouring. They have two styles – butterfly kernel and jumbo mushroom kernel. These come in different pack formats – glass bottle and bags.

Protein Pops

For the health-conscious popcorn lover, 4700BC has a range which as the name suggests is high in protein. But wait, these are not actually pop-corn. These are foxnuts aka Makhana. I wonder why 4700BC decided to enter into the incredibly crowded Makhana market. They however do have some exciting flavours in some great looking tin packs – Hawaiian Barbeque, Himalayan Salt Caramel, Tuxedo Chocolate, Sea Salt and Pepper.

Phew, that is a round-up of the 4700BC’s long list of popcorns. They claim to be the no 1 gourmet popcorn brand in India. Looking at the list, I am not surprised. However, with so many choices, 4700BC might end up confusing their customers rather than convincing them. What we haven’t covered in the guide are the pack types that they have for each of the variants. Pro-tip: Skip their D2C website and head straight for Amazon. Their own website leaves a lot to be desired from a good user experience standpoint.

Cool list, but i am confused where do I start ?

Ok the TL, DR version. As you can see, it is near impossible to cover all the flavours of 4700BC popcorn. Start with the microwave/instant variants and then you can take it from there. We recommend the barbeque version of the microwave variant.

Which flavour have you tried and which ones do you recommend? Do let us know in the comments section.

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