The Best Banana Chips

These delicious snacks used to come periodically to our home when we were kids. Not frequent enough I might add. Although Lays went ahead with the tagline of no-one can eat just one. I believe that tagline has been misplaced for the potato chips, it truly belongs to banana chips. I guess banana chips never had an ad agency working for them. But that’s ok! If you are reading this you and I are united in our love for this extremely tasty snack. Made traditionally from the unripe nendran banana, this is yet another gift that Kerala has given to the rest of the country. The thick flesh and fibre content make the nendran banana the perfect choice for those crispy banana chips. The internet is rife with how to make banana chips at home articles. While I applaud the efforts of those who attempt it, I have zero interest in learning how to make banana chips at home. As far as I am concerned I am looking for the best banana chips that I can munch away at home. So without further delay, here are the top banana chips varieties available online right now. If you find your favourite banana chip brand missing, do let us know in the comments section.

Flavours of Calicut Kerala Banana Chips (about Rs 550)

They claim to make their banana chips with Nendran Bananas that are sliced to ensure consistent thickness. Subsequently fried in 100% Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and followed up with that addictive seasoning. It comes in a 500g pack for the occasional consumers and a 1kg pack for true fans. No prizes to guess which pack size we will be going for.

Looms & Weaves Fresh Kerala Banana Chips – 400 Gms (about Rs 350)

While researching this product, I found that they have a great backstory. They select their Bananas from organic farms owned by Kudumbasree and other women-led farming networks of Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala and only use homemade organic coconut oil for making their banana chips. It always warms my heart to see a business that has a purpose. All business exist to create a profit but the ones that have a purpose stand out. They seem to avoid plastic with a vengeance which is a good thing. It comes in aluminium foil to preserve the freshness and taste. The best part of it all? The banana chips are made to order. They make your pack only after you have placed the order, so order in advance!

Beyond Snáck Kerala Banana Chips – 3 Flavours, Original Style, Peri Peri, Sour Cream Onion & Parsley (about Rs 250)

Made using the nendran banana chips and with eye-catching packaging, this is one of the newer kids on the block. The most interesting part is the assorted flavours of banana chips they have. If you want a break from the original style we have come to love so much while growing up, why not try their peri peri flavour and sour cream and onion flavour. The good part is you don’t have to make a choice and they have an assorted pack of all three variants available. They claim to have a process where the frying of the chips happens for a shorter time thereby reducing the fat content. A perfect choice for those who want their favourite snack with lesser guilt.

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